Stoll Liquid Fert Systems

The Stoll Liquid-Inject system is a modular system that allows farmers to easily and cost-effectively
set up their seeder to accurately and reliably inject trace elements, fungicides and liquid fertilizers into the furrow. It was designed after much testing and consultation with farmers to allow the end user to easily and confidently fit the kit regardless of size, brand or varying application rates.

If you’re after a liquid injection system for your seeder, look no further than Stoll’s – we’ve got you covered. We have a complete range of options, from our high quality do it yourself kits right through to the new NJ-JECT LF system which is the most advanced system on the market today, we have something for everyone. We can even custom build complete trailers or a ready to bolt on unit including tanks,
pumps and controllers to suit everything from small trial plot seeders up to the largest of air seeders.

Stoll’s can also supply all your liquid fertilizer storage and handling needs including bulk tanks, pumps, hoses, camlocks and fittings etc.
So have a look at our different options, you can be assured that a liquid injection kit from Stoll’s uses only the highest quality components available and will give you years of trouble free service. All of the components that make up our liquid injection kits have been carefully selected to not only provide you with the ultimate in accurate liquid application but also to give you years of reliable service in what can be
the harsh environment of liquid fertilizer.

Why Choose Stoll Liquid Inject?

Customise your Stoll Liquid-Inject System

Option 1.

Our first option is our extremely popular do it yourself kit.

This kit is unique from other systems as it allows you to use any existing equipment you may already have including tanks, pumps and rate controllers etc. It enables you to get into an extremely high quality kit for a modest price and really test out the benefits of liquids without a large capital outlay. The kit is very user friendly to operate and is easily set up on any seeder. Furthermore, it is designed to be easily upgradeable in future years if you want to add things such as rate control, auto section control or even variable rate. You may have an old computorspray or trailing sprayrig that you want to modify, or even turn one of the bins on your airseeder into a liquid tank – whatever your application this kit is flexible enough to accommodate your needs. Simply go through our step by step process and choose the components you need – it’s that easy.

Option 2

Our second option is a complete ready to bolt on module housed in our own custom designed stainless steel cabinet. The module is available in standard (STD) configuration or rate control ready (RCR). The STD configuration includes 12V controls to turn the system on/off from the cab and an adjustable throttling valve to set your operating pressure - you then drive to a set speed to ensure your application rate stays constant.

The RCR configuration has the additional features of an electric regulating valve and specially chosen electromagnetic flowmeter. This module is ready to accept an existing rate controller or GPS control / auto boom system such as GS2 or Trimble EZ-Guide 500 / EZ-Boom etc

Both modules include the following:

  • Hydraulically driven stainless steel hypro pump with cab mounted low pressure alarm.
  • Large capacity 1 ½" 316 series suction filter.
  • 1 ½" self-cleaning pressure filter.
  • 3-way panel mounted ball valve to easily change from your main tank to your flush tank.
  • High flow throttling valve with bypass agitation back to tank.
  • 12V electric plunger valve
  • Agitator tap for our dual venture agitators.
  • Panel mounted large 100mm pressure gauge
  • Distribution manifold to mount onto bar
  • All hoses and fittings to connect to tank and to distribution manifold.
  • Wiring loom with switchbox in cab (STD model only)
  • Mounting lugs to attach to seeder

In addition to the above features the RCR module also includes:

  • 12V electric regulating valve
  • Electromagnetic flowmeter which has no moving parts, internal passage of stainless steel, is highly accurate, and doesn't change its readings when measuring liquid with different viscosities any different making it the best choice when using liquid fertilizers.

We can supply the RCR model with a TeeJet 844e automatic rate controller or can set it up to use with your existing GPS / rate control equipment.

We can also supply the Trimble EZ-Guide 500 or FMX guidance system complete with EZ-Boom and rate control capabilities to do Variable rate fertilizer application.

To price up one of these kits simply choose the STD or RCR module, add your choice of standard or deluxe head manifolds and add your number of tynes.

Download Brochure and go to Option 2 for further information and pricing.

Option 3

Capstan N-Ject LF System - The Advance System on the Market for VRT

Our third option is our exclusive N-JECT LF system from Capstan (America). Stoll's are the distributor for this product in Australia and it is the most advanced liquid fertilizer delivery system on the market. It uses advanced PWM technology to regulate the flow to the tines rather than a traditional orifice based system. The PWM valves act like a fuel injector in a car, they actually pulse very quickly to regulate the flow.

The pressure in the system remains the same but as you speed up / slow down or want to variably apply fertilizer according to a prescription map the PWM valves pulse faster or slower.

This system is excellent for those who want the ultimate in accuracy or want variable rate capabilities as you have the ability to apply product over a much wider application rate and can even vary the rate across the bar or turn individual sections on/off etc.

Contact us to find out more.