Distribution Manifolds

Our precision CNC machined manifolds are available with either 10, 20 or 30 outlets.
These manifolds can be mounted at each head or anywhere across the bar. This system
is used in conjunction with our tine injector unit where the regulation point is moved further downstream, as close to the tine as possible to cut down on hose lengths after the flow regulator which eliminates the possibility of friction loss and differing flow rates from uneven lengths of hose, giving you precise application of liquid.

Cristy Houghton

Cristy's unique career has taken her from country NSW to the city lights of Clarendon Street South Melbourne and back again. With an early career in radio as a copywriter and creative strategist, she is now a Jill of all trades as a graphic designer, website builder, blog writer, video editor, social media manager, marketing strategist and more. 

In fact, give her any task and this chick will figure out how to do it! Go on, we dare you!

No, really, we DARE you!!

Cristy has won two Australian Commercial Radio Awards (ACRAs) for Best Ad and Best Sales Promotion, and even has an 'Employee of the Year' certificate with her name on it.

Cristy and her husband James have traveled extensively through Russia, China and South East Asia, and have two fur-babies, Sooty (cat) and Panda (puppy). Cristy loves drinking coffee, meeting people to drink coffee, coffee tasting and coffee flavoured cocktails. She also enjoys road trips, TED Talks and watching cat videos on youtube.