We use stainless steel hydraulically driven hypro pumps in our systems¸ these pumps
are the obvious choice for a liquid injection system and are superior to diaphragm pumps
for the following reasons:

  • Huge flow rates – with over 400L/min of flow these pumps not only comfortably supply all the flow necessary for any size bar, they also have massive amounts of bypass agitation which eliminates the need for extra pumps etc dedicated to agitation.
  • Stainless steel construction – provides you with the ultimate in protection against harsh liquid fertilizers and trace elements.
  • Easy maintenance – much simpler and cheaper to maintain than a diaphragm pump. Being a centrifugal pump they are very simple in their operation and extremely reliable.
  • Smooth flow output – unlike diaphragm pumps which will always ‘pulse’ the liquid through the lines to some degree, centrifugal pumps have a beautiful smooth flow which is an advantage if using a rate controller as the hypro pumps don’t pulse and give you a more accurate flow reading.
  • More likely to be able to keep working longer - if you happen to do a seal in a Hypro pump you can safely keep using it until you get time to put a new seal in, - you won’t damage the pump running it when the seal is gone, all it means is that the pump will leak. If you rupture or damage a diaphragm in a diaphragm pump you will have to fix it immediately, otherwise risking major pump damage. This can cause costly downtime.
  • Running a diaphragm pump with even one diaphragm damaged means that aggressive, corrosive liquid fertilizer is in the sump of the pump rather than oil. This would be equivalent to having liquid fertilizer in your cars engine rather than oil and not knowing about it – sooner or later it is going to stop – and in a big way!

Cristy Houghton

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